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I'm very happy to share with you one of the many positive experiences I have had with Sarah. Most recently, this past summer I had the privilege of working with Sarah because I needed professional head shots. I had looked into several photographers in the area, but wasn't really happy with how generic their portraits seemed. I had seen some of Sarah's work and was so impressed with her ability to capture many of her subject's genuine emotions in the photographs, in addition to looking professional. As a jazz vocalist, it was very important for my portraits to look professional while still capturing who I am as an artist. A couple of hours before the photo shoot, I had a dentist appointment.

After several dental hygienists and my dentist himself guaranteed that the novocaine would wear off in under two hours, I arrived at the shoot (three hours later) with a half-numb face. I am so grateful to Sarah for not only using her expertise to take great pictures anyway, but for how encouraging she was throughout the whole process. She took on the roles of photographer, nurse and motivational speaker all in one hour, and her ability to keep the situation light hearted turned an awful situation into a great one. Sarah is a wonderful person and a very hard worker. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Danielle Wertz

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah Kodres-O’Brien through her photography business in the spring of 2014. After seeing samples of past work on her website, I emailed her requesting a session for the very next week. Sarah was extremely prompt in her response and accommodating to meet my requests. The photo session I booked with Sarah was for my younger sister, Meghan, who at the time was considering attending the University of Virginia. Sarah made my sister feel welcome to the school during the session, and went above and beyond taking pictures by giving Meghan personal advice. I was thoroughly impressed by Sarah’s ability to make Meghan feel comfortable and natural while taking her photos, and so thankful that Sarah offered to take a few pictures with the two of us together. 

Overall, my sister truly enjoyed having her photos taken by Sarah and immediately shared them with her friends. Sarah made the photos available within one week as promised, and the finished product was exactly what I was looking for. Sarah exemplifies values of diligent work ethic, punctuality, consideration, passion, autonomy, self-motivation, and cooperation. I highly recommend her for the position she is seeking within your organization. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions. 

Caitlin Grumbling

My school offered graduation photos, but in every photo they took, my smile came out looking fake and the lighting was very poor. Dissatisfied, I went to Sarah hoping for more natural photos, and that's exactly what I got. Sarah makes shoots so easy and comfortable that my smiles came naturally. She's able to work with natural light so the view is always flattering, and the poses are a combination of her suggestions and the personality of her client. She's an expert at making sure that your personality comes through in the photos, and for graduation shots she suggests three outfits: formal, casual, and something that expresses an important part of who you are, like an instrument or a sport. Everything came out much more "me" than the fake back-drop of a school studio. 

Working with Sarah is a perfect balance of professionalism and fun; she makes you comfortable because she is so comfortable in what she is doing and confident in her skills. The photos were edited flawlessly and returned in the time frame she promised. The entire process was completely stress-free and high-quality. Sarah exemplifies professionalism and the human kindness that allows her to connect with people so easily and draw them out of their shell and into the photo. I recommend her with great enthusiasm. 

Sonja Eliason

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